Four Miscarriages...and a Baby

Endometriosis is the one disease with which fertility problems are most closely associated. Many times, a woman who has difficulty conceiving will have a case of endometriosis that does not come with severe symptoms. This is known as silent endometriosis. These silent sufferers eagerly crowd into the waiting rooms of in vitro fertilization (IVF) clinics with the hope of conceiving. IVF is a method in which a woman’s eggs are collected and fertilized by sperm in a lab, then implanted in her uterus. These women are often not told they may have endometriosis, and the in vitro attempts they take will generally fail. If these patients question the possibility of endometriosis as the cause for the failure, they are usually falsely assured by their fertility specialist that endometriosis does not have a negative, or even significant, impact in conception. Sometimes, they will even claim that pregnancy will cure a patient’s endometriosis. By the time multiple IVF attempts have failed, these patients, at this point between thirty-five and forty years old, are told that their ovaries have no reserves left and that egg quality is poor.

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